Emil's paternal Grandfather, (Dziadek),

Michael Barycki,

on Broadway Ave at Marple Ave in Clifton Heights

married to Katarzyna (Katherine) Byczek, June 14, 1914.


Eddie Barycki, brother of Emil (Emil's Dad) and Eugene Barycki, died WWII

Glenn, Ackerman

William Ackerman, died 1945
Gertrude Glenn Ackerman, died 1951
early 1900's Philadelphia
my grandmother's (maternal) parents


Emil's Grandmom Micken (materal side) cooking up one of her famous recipes on Broadway Ave
Clifton Heights, 1950s

Bardsley, Kolb, Burton

Uncle Claude, Patty, my Mom, Kathy, me, unknown
Aunt Ginnie, Tommy, Bob
Faith?, unknown, Sharon
Spring Mount 1966


My Dad and his Mom
1954, not sure what beach

Dick, Sewchuk

Eva Sewchuk (Baba Dick) (3/22/1881-3/10/1973)and Mikola Dick (born 12/7/1879)

Around the year 1900, Mikola Dick traveled from Galicia, Austria to Winnepeg and stayed in Canada for 1 year. He went back for his wife and 2 children, Andrew and Anna, and brought them to Clifton Heights, PA where Mikola found work in a yarn mill. They had 8 children, 2 were lost to Typhoid Fever at a young age.
Baba Dick and Kenny Barycki (aprox 1965)
(Emil's maternal great grandparents)

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