Barycki / Byczek

Wedding picture of Emil's paternal Grandmother,
(Babci), Katarzyna (Katherine) Byczek, born Dec 17, 1896 in Wylewa Poland. Entered the U.S. July 25, 1911. Married June 14, 1914 to Michael Barycki


My maternal Grandparents
Jack in Phila
Florence in Salford, Pa
both with Fritz in 1926


Uncle Eugene (Emil's Dad's brother) and Ciocia Stella's wedding
plus a picture outside the house on Dennison Ave
married 8/29/1948


My Mother and her girlfriends

My Mom and Irma (1944)

Dot and my Mom abt 1942
Dot later married my Mother's cousin, Bob Griffith My Mother, Jackie Powell (Bardsley)
and her best friend, Erma Dixon (Maxwell)
Aug 2, 1942


1948-1949 Oakview Softball team
Emil Barycki Sr (last row far right)
Eugene Barycki, his brother (second row,far left)
picture from Ed Barycki, son of Eugene


Emil's parents, Emil and Joanne
Sacred Heart Church
Clifton Heights

Clifton Heights

Clifton Theatre 1944


Dad and Emil in white tees
Broadway Cafe team
middle 60's


My maternal Grandfather, John Powell The Burea of Marine Inspection and Navigation was created as The Steamboat Inspection Service within the Dept of the Treasury in 1838. It was renamed the Bureau of Navigation in 1884, transferred to The Dept of Commerce and Labor in 1903, renamed the Bureau of Navigation and Steamship Inspection in 1932, and again renamed Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation in 1936. It's functions were divided between the Coast Guard and Customs service in 1942.
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