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I am so sorry for the interruption to my postings,
each move gets a little harder on me and I take longer to get all my boxes open.
The packers with this transplant were terrible in marking the boxes and I have no idea what to expect when I open them, still looking for all my photos. So in the interum if you have anything you would like to share , please send me some emails with pictures to add, after all this is for the whole family and future generations to enjoy.
Thanks for your support and comments,
enjoy the holidays
Any old Christmas photos would be fun to share...
after all "Tis the season"

The Eyrie Sanitarium

The Eyrie Mansion
Clifton Heights 1910

The Eyrie Sanitarium, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania for the care of 15 patients, was founded in 1911 by W> W> Hawke, M.D., it's present medical director.
It consists of a single stone building, and the actual number of patients is limited to eight.
Observation cases are preferred , and individual treatment, nursing and diet are given. Occupational work consists of farm and garden and general house work, carpentry, basketry and painting.
Dr. W>W> Hawke was formerly superintendent of the State Hospital at Warren, PA., and before that resident physician insane department, Philadelphia Hospital.
from The Institutional care of the insane in the United States and Canada, Volume 3
by William Francis, Henry Mills Hurd Richard Drewry

Bardsley, Burton

Jackie Ann and Betty Lee Bardsley
Patty and Bonnie Burton, ?, ?
abt 1953, Spring Mt, PA
in front of my first house
and then Bonnie and Patty's


Aunt Betty and me abt 1951
(wife to Dad's brother Jim)
Spring Mt

Barycki, Micken

Emil's family
Joanne and Emil Barycki (his parents)
Grandpop Micken and Ciocia Polly (Micken)Bailey (Mom's sister)
below Emil's Mom and Grandmom Micken
abt late 1960's
Broadway Cafe, Broadway Ave
Clifton Heights, PA

Spring Mount, PA

Spring Mount, PA


My Mom (Jackie Bardsley) and me
September 17, 1949
Aunt Ginnie and Uncle Bub's wedding
Spring Mount, PA

Strawbridge and Clothier

Strawbridge and Clothier
Philadelphia PA 1912
My Grandmother, Florence Powell, worked for Strawbridges
before I was born, into her retirement at 63.
Started at the downtown store and later transferred to the new
Springfield store.
Going to visit her downtown at work was always such a treat, the old department stores were so grande, she worked in the ladies uniform and clothing dept. Best part was riding the wooden escalators or the elevators with attendants in them to push the buttons and call out the items available on each floor. Plus we got to ride the el downtown.

Ackerman, Powell

Florence Ackerman (Powell-Garrod)
my maternal grandmother
born may 30, 1907

Delaware County unknown site

Pulpit Rock, Clifton Heights
Darby Creek 1914
Does anyone know the location of this picture?

Micken, Barycki

Joanna Micken (Barycki)
Emil's Mother
Clifton Heights High Cheerleader
abt 1945
far right, back row

Clifton Heights High School

Clifton Heights High, Baltimore Pike


Emil and his Mom, (Joanna Barycki)
abt 1949
back yard on Dennison Ave


My Dad, Wm T. Bardsley
abt 1949
think this was my Aunt June's wedding day
cool car, wish I knew what is was...


6653 Church Lane
Upper Darby, PA
along Cobbs Creek Park
bordering Philadelphia
party line number, Flanders 2 0856
We moved here in 1949, the house cost abt $8,000
moved away in 1960, sold for abt 12,000
What a great place to grow up!!!!


Michal Barycki
Emil's grandfather
year unknown

Glenn, Ackerman

Uncle Harold Glenn

adopted brother

of my maternal Grandmother

age 42

After World War II, many people took advantage of the huge excursion ships of Wilson Line which had been in business for a century or so. These boats ferried 800 passengers from Philadelphia to a New Jersey park, traveling down the Delaware River to the now called "Riverview Beach Park." It was a short trip, about 34 miles and took about 75 minutes each direction. The company ran two ships; one was the SS Liberty Belle and the other was the SS Delaware Belle.

Ackerman, Glenn

Uncle Harold (Glenn),(adopted) my maternal Grandmother, Florence
Aunt Helen and William, their father, my Great Grandfather
abt 1912


Emil Jr, Babci, Emil Sr, Ludwika, Joanne, and Janek
Michelle, Michael, Paul, Kathy, Eddie
abt 1959
Dennison Ave, Drexel Hill, PA
Ludwika and Janek, cousins visiting from Poland


My Dad, William T Bardsley
abt 10 years old
possibly Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, PA

Clifton Heights

Broadway Ave

Clifton Heights, PA

Micken, Barycki

Cousins (abt 1953)
Jackie and Michael, sons of Johnie and Alma Micken
Michael and Emil , sons of Joanne (Micken) and Emil Barycki


Clifton vets @ 1946 preparing to march in a Clifton Parade.
Picture sent by Eddie Barycki, cousin, son of Eugene
See if you can locate brothers, Emil and Eugene


Emil's paternal Grandfather, (Dziadek),

Michael Barycki,

on Broadway Ave at Marple Ave in Clifton Heights

married to Katarzyna (Katherine) Byczek, June 14, 1914.


Eddie Barycki, brother of Emil (Emil's Dad) and Eugene Barycki, died WWII

Glenn, Ackerman

William Ackerman, died 1945
Gertrude Glenn Ackerman, died 1951
early 1900's Philadelphia
my grandmother's (maternal) parents


Emil's Grandmom Micken (materal side) cooking up one of her famous recipes on Broadway Ave
Clifton Heights, 1950s

Bardsley, Kolb, Burton

Uncle Claude, Patty, my Mom, Kathy, me, unknown
Aunt Ginnie, Tommy, Bob
Faith?, unknown, Sharon
Spring Mount 1966


My Dad and his Mom
1954, not sure what beach

Dick, Sewchuk

Eva Sewchuk (Baba Dick) (3/22/1881-3/10/1973)and Mikola Dick (born 12/7/1879)

Around the year 1900, Mikola Dick traveled from Galicia, Austria to Winnepeg and stayed in Canada for 1 year. He went back for his wife and 2 children, Andrew and Anna, and brought them to Clifton Heights, PA where Mikola found work in a yarn mill. They had 8 children, 2 were lost to Typhoid Fever at a young age.
Baba Dick and Kenny Barycki (aprox 1965)
(Emil's maternal great grandparents)


Joanna (Emil's Mother), Pauline (Polly) and Johnnie Micken
children of John and Anna Micken
grew up on Broadway Ave, Clifton Heights

Barycki, Micken

Joanna Micken, Emil Barycki wedding
Emil's parents
June 29, 1947

St Charles

post card 1907
St Charles Church


Emil's Dad, Emil Barycki with Michael and Emil,kindergarden graduation from St Charles, taken on Dennison Ave
(not sure who is on the porch)

Spring Mount, PA

postcard with 4 cent stamp

Bardsley, Kolb

Aunt June Bardsley (my Dad's sister) and Uncle Claude Kolb Wedding
date and place unknown
second from left, my Dad, William Bardsley
second and third from right, Uncle Bub (Harold) Burton and Aunt Ginnie (Virginia) Bardsley
(picture has stains on it)

Bardsley, Powell

Jacqueline Ann Powell married to William Troxel Bardsley
November 16, 1946
Overbrook, PA
(my parents)

Barycki, Micken

Emil Barycki & Joanna Micken
Clifton Heights, PA
June 29, 1947
(Emil's parents)


My Mother, Jacqueline Powell
and her dog, Fritz
newspaper clipping

Powell, Bardsley

Jacque Ann Powell
my mother
Philadelphia, PA
8 months

Jackie Ann Bardsley
Wildwood, NJ
9 months
Aug 28, 1949


John Micken
(Emil's maternal Grandfather)
Clifton Heights Police 1930's

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