Strawbridge and Clothier

Strawbridge and Clothier
Philadelphia PA 1912
My Grandmother, Florence Powell, worked for Strawbridges
before I was born, into her retirement at 63.
Started at the downtown store and later transferred to the new
Springfield store.
Going to visit her downtown at work was always such a treat, the old department stores were so grande, she worked in the ladies uniform and clothing dept. Best part was riding the wooden escalators or the elevators with attendants in them to push the buttons and call out the items available on each floor. Plus we got to ride the el downtown.


amy said...

When did they start doing the Christmas light show?

Jacki said...

The Christmas light show was at Wanamakers and started in 1956, (3rd grade for me), the show still runs every hour on the hour starting after Thanksgiving, however they have discontinued the water show part.

Anonymous said...

My mom and husband both worked at the Springfield Strawbridges. Both have said that they have never worked for a better company. Strawbridges took good care of their employees. R.I.P. Strawbridges.

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