My kindergarten class
Cardington Stonehurst Elementery
furthest to the right


amy said...

I subbed there too. The streets are narrow through there to get to it. I love your pig tails!

Anonymous said...


Do you happen to remember the principal at Cardington Stonehurst that followed Ms. Morley? Am hoping to deliver a reminder to my 89 year-old mother (she taught at the school from 1942-1950)!



Anonymous said...

This isn't Cardington-Stonehurst

This is the first grade class at Ardmore Avenue School in Lansdowne in 1956-1957. I recognize many of my fellow students (I didn't start there until the second grade)- Michael Ladisch, Lucille Marcellus, Doug Miller, Peter Kolias, Marcia Bloom, Gwyn Richards and many more

Jacki said...

Really sorry but I know for a fact that this is Cardington Stonehurst Elementary School (which has been torn down), I went to this school for 7 years with most all of these kids. And I am still in contact with a few. I am the last person, right side, second row, and the girl in front of me, Patty Mooney, was my best friend to high school. There is no dought of who and where this is.
The only time I spent in Lansdowne when I was that young was for acordian lessons near the fire house on Baltimore Pike

Kim said...

Are you related to CH Bardsley?
That name shows up twice on this 1909 land map,SE corner of Powell & Marshall Rds
here is the link:

BB said...

Wow! I went to C.S. from K thru 6th grade. Lived on Kent Rd. across from The Friends Cemetery. Just a few hundred feet from school. I was born in 1946 and am pretty sure I'm in this class photo. My wife researched some old family photos and swears that's me just about in the center of the back row wearing the suspenders.

I can recall the names of a few teachers I had there Miss Cortulue(sp), Miss Ross, Miss Burmnan. Yeah, we called them all 'Miss' no matter age or marital status.

Oh... my name is Bill Ott. I'm retired now and live in El Paso, TX. Loved growing up at the time and in the place where I did.

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