Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Upper Darby

The circus train passes Fernwood siding heading for Marshall Rd field
this picture is from Thomas J Leonard

I remember when I was little and my Dad would wake me in the middle of the night to watch and listen to the circus train pass our house on Church Lane. The tracks, right across the street in Cobbs Creek Park, went directly to the field on 69th and Marshall, where they would set up. The next day we would go up to the field and watch the men and animals set up the Big Top.
Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey pictures were taken in
Upper Darby, June 11, 1949

ramps being pulled off flat car #115

ramps being set on flat car #116

ramps being placed in position on flat car #115

flat car #116- 3 wagons

pole wagon being pulled down ramp from flat car #115

elephants being walked from train to show grounds

tractor unloading wagons down ramp from flat cars #116

car #46 "Utah"

horses being lined up beside livestock cars

general view of yard

mobile grandstand

truck and wagon unloading down ramp from flat car #115


HaHaSux4U said...

Oh my gosh! totally random but i'm realted to barnum from that circus!!!

Richard Heffernan Jr. said...

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I grew up in Upper Darby and my family lived a short distance from this area. I belong to and was the fire chief of the fire company just behind Marshall Road Field. We will be 100 soon, I would love to share these photos...

AlGuckes said...

Love these circus pictures. We lived on Normandy Road. My dad took my twin brother and I to see the circus arrive on June 11, 1949 - our 9th birthday. Wonderful thrill for a 9 year old.

Al Guckes

Jim Merkins said...

The picture of the train at the Fernwood location is at Second Street. The house on the left of the picture is the house that I grew up in.

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