Clifton Heights, PA

Baltimore Pk and Springfield Rd 1909


amy said...

you can recognize the building on the right, which is now a tanning salon... go figure

red106 said...

When I was growing up that was the Clifton Drug store, my Dad's store, Suburban Floors, and Harveys lock shop.

Maryellen said...

The drugstore was "Beck's" and it had a soda fountain. My father-in-law -- Sam Young -- had the Texaco station diagonally across from it but it is not seen in this picture.

Anonymous said...


“Lost Ram”

Took a peak at an old Ram,
reflecting some earlier days,
slowly I roam through the pages,
hearing Gahil guiding the way.
Took a journey through that book,
'circa 1972',
outside the pages, it changed,
memories are a distant few.
The old castle took center stage,
soon sentenced in red tape.
Perrenial queens had often paraded
in an era that was politically raped.
I was just one face of many,
never certain of who I am.
Ralph recited to help us along
trying to inspire those who were damned.
A rain reminiscent in sound
echoes a tune on the pane,
I've heard it before, I am sure,
through the drops it whispers a name.
The future is paved on yesterdays,
in all that has since transpired
before I'd learned in the halls of Ram,
I knew the previous to be liars.
All in time and change
I regret what I now know.
The darkness' edge beckons us all,
who is to rise above or fall below?
Helen said to close the doors,
nothing of taking them down.
In doing so we are forced to resort to
memories from different towns.
A song that's nurtured in the heart
yields childhood bonds in birth;
the world that collapses around us now
emphasizes their importance and worth.
Before I close and leave my youth
there's a girl I must recall;
if not for her arrival in my dreams
none of this could exist at all.
Hello to some, goodbye to few,
don't bother to remember who I am;
I was just part of the lineage
they called the Clifton Heights Rams.

est. 1977

The opportunity of youth disappears...

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