Micken / Dick

John Micken and Anna Dick wedding 1925

50th wedding anniversary at the Polish American Club,
Clifton Heights PA, 1975 Anna and John Micken

Children and spouses, Margie and John Micken, Polly and Walt Bailey, Joanne and Emil Barycki

Grandchildren present, Mike and Paul Barycki, Penny,Jane Ann, Billy, Vincent and Bobby Bailey.

Great Grandchildren Amy and Emil Barycki


Anonymous said...

and Amy

Jacki said...

Great Grandchildren (babies) are mentioned under picture, Amy, daughter of Michael and Nell Barycki and Emil, son of Emil and Jacki Barycki.

amy said...

I know you wouldn't leave me out:) I have seen some pics from that party, but not that one... very nice

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